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Need after hours virtual reference coverage?

Our partner, Chatstaff, offers customized backup staffing!

Chatstaff, founded by NCknows Coordinator Phil Blank and librarian Pam Sessoms, is a service designed to offer backup and after hours coverage for library virtual reference services. Chatstaff is staffed by MLS-level librarians and works with your LibraryH3lp-based VR service, flexibly covering select hours or 24/7.

Chatstaff has extensive experience with both academic and public libraries and LibraryH3lp. Unlike other library reference services, Chatstaff is flexible to your needs covering 24/7 or select hours, which saves you resources. Plus Chatstaff also helps you implement your service, generate reports, and more!

When preparing to go live, Chatstaff works with you to make sure your library's information is accurately recorded to more easily assist your patrons and refer them back to you when necessary. Afterward, Chatstaff continues to work with you to ensure the quality of the reference service and that the effectiveness of your marketing is maximized.

Chatstaff is priced separately from LibraryH3lp by size of population & hours of coverage. Visit Chatstaff's website for more details and/or to get a quote for your backup coverage.



  • Flexible, customizable backup coverage
  • 24/7 or select hours
  • Staffed by experienced, MLS-level librarians
  • For both academic & public libraries
  • Get help implementing your VR service
  • Request a quote or get more info on Chatstaff


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