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We're your all-in-one real-time chat platform

Unify patron services across web, mobile, and IM.

Privacy is a top priority

  • Each chat can be secured via SSL encryption.
  • By default, chat transcripts are not saved. But you may elect to save them if your local policy allows.
  • Saved transcripts can be downloaded to your local storage.
  • Saved transcripts can be deleted individually or in bulk.
  • All identifying patron data can be anonymized, leaving only statistical metadata for you to analyze.

Unify patron support services


Leverage built-in collaboration tools

  • Get your staff communicating. With unlimited concurrent operators, you can easily give all your staff IM accounts.
  • Tag and e-mail chat transcripts for follow-up.
  • Works with your current e-mail reference system.
  • With chat transfer, staff can work together to satisfy patrons.
  • Create powerful workflows. Group staff by expertise and dynamically direct patrons to operators based on expertise.

Ultra-flexible staffing

With LibraryH3lp, you can use most any computer or smart device to answer patron chats, IM, and text messages.

  • Staff from your desktop or laptop.
  • Staff from your smartphone or tablet, including your iPhone, Android phone, iPad or Kindle Fire.
  • Plus, you can use any XMPP account you already to have to staff LibraryH3lp, like Google Talk!
  • Backup staffing also available when you're offline!

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